New font release – Taped Up Tight

I went for a graphic-novel-ish look this time. Somewhat inspired by Sin City’s visuals – with it’s hard solid whites against pitch black (& those glowing white bandages!) The letters could be read as bandages or tape or even wooden panels at a stretch. Another one that looks nice being outlined, so expect a follow up version that does exactly that.

Download & donate (once approved) on dafont:
Darrell Flood’s fonts on dafont

Taped Up Tight

Site launch! – Howdy stranger!

Yeehaw! After much procrastination & unanticipated trials & tribulations, the Hawtpixel site finally launches! Here you will find everything released under the Hawtpixel banner: fonts, assets & games. Currently, all focus is on preparing the Kickstarter for our first major game release: Cowgirls Vs Cthonimon. A retro-styled, procedurally generated action RPG with a wild-west meets Lovecraftian horror flavor. The Kickstarter campaign for this title will hopefully begin at the end of December, with the game release itself scheduled for Summer 2017. Stay tuned folks!

Cowgirls Vs Cthonimon

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