Cowgirls Vs Cthonimon – The Mines

I spent most of today working out kinks in the “Dungeon” generation and ensuring each dungeon feels interesting, with unique features every time. In Cowgirls vs Cthonimon, the “dungeons” are technically either Mines or Caves, tho functionally they are the same as dungeons in any action RPG. It is here where the player must go to defeat Bosses, rescue people, sort out bandits and get the best loot (and all important progression items).

Cowgirls vs Cthonimon Screenshot 03

I also completed the hollow version of the Cartoon Instrokes font and revamped it’s sample image. Use “regular” for solid & “bold” for hollow/outline.

Cartoon Inkstrokes Hollow

Cowgirls Vs Cthonimon – The Outside World

Today’s focus has been on further developing content for the “Overworld” section of Cowgirls Vs Cthonimon. Though you can hop from planet to planet during your adventure, it is important to me that each world can stand on it’s own and make sense in and of itself. My primary concern here is to avoid anything that feels “just random” – because worlds or sections that are entirely (or almost entirely) random tend to feel chaotic and lead to boredom and/or a sense of repetition or pointlessness as you play.

So, I have a lot of rules going on behind the scenes that determine placement of area locks and keys, dungeon entrances, mission NPCs and progression items that I am tweaking. Everything rests on those core elements, so I’m doing everything I can to get those feeling as natural and as “designed by hand” as possible at the moment.

Cowgirls Vs Cthonimon Screenshot 02

Dafont update, revamps and beyond!

Dafont, the biggest (& best in my humble opinion) font site out there recently did a large font pass and all of my recent fonts can now be downloaded directly from there. I also revamped some of the promotional sample images for some of those fonts in order to make the characters clearer & the images themselves more crisp:

Darrell Flood’s fonts on dafont

Dafont pass

Additonally, I finalized the “hollow” version of the “Taped Up Tight” font. All characters are now available in “hollow” form. Just switch between “regular” & “bold” to choose the solid or hollow versions.

Taped Up Tight Hollow

Beyond that, expect a big refocus now away from fonts and on to my big Kickstarter project: Cowgirls Vs Cthonimon! I plan to have the Kickstarter live throughout January, so now it’s time to really burn the midnight oil! Check back here often for updates!

Deep into the caves of forgotten worlds we go, hunting otherworldly horrors and seeking fame and fortune!…..

Cowgirls Vs Cthonimon 01

Site launch! – Howdy stranger!

Yeehaw! After much procrastination & unanticipated trials & tribulations, the Hawtpixel site finally launches! Here you will find everything released under the Hawtpixel banner: fonts, assets & games. Currently, all focus is on preparing the Kickstarter for our first major game release: Cowgirls Vs Cthonimon. A retro-styled, procedurally generated action RPG with a wild-west meets Lovecraftian horror flavor. The Kickstarter campaign for this title will hopefully begin at the end of December, with the game release itself scheduled for Summer 2017. Stay tuned folks!

Cowgirls Vs Cthonimon

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