New Year, New Beginnings!

Wow, been a long time since I’ve posted here. Life seemed to get all tangled up there for quite some time. And let’s not even talk about 2020… lol! A few big changes on the horizon for me now. And big plans about to go into effect.

I’m going to be registering as a sole trader here in Japan.
And hopefully turning my font hobby into a proper, full-time business.

Fonts are going to remain the main focus, but I want to branch out into POD (Print On Demand) t-shirts/merch, and stock photos and possibly some other things ASAP. I’ve been signing up/setting up pages/stores on various POD sites and should hopefully get some of those live by March. I feel like I’ve been neglecting my main strength (art) and need to do more to get back to doing that, and making the most of it.

The overall goal this year is to make an above average, solid, stable, monthly income from just font licensing + POD. So, entirely passive/semi-passive income. With no contracting.

My goals for 2021 are:

1. Have over 500 fonts on dafont by March. (should be achieved soon, just 16 to go!)
2. Maintain a top 20 position on Dafont throughout the year (I wavered a lot last year, I need to ensure I have at least 1 new font “in the pipe” for every Dafont upload pass to make this happen. Being in that top 20 is just so important for visibility.)
3. Revamp all my font licenses and promo images for consistency (I’m going to set all my fonts to be a standard $20 USD for typical small scale commercial use. No more freebies. No more donationware. No more “pay what you likes”. Just $20 across the board. And add another tier on top for some of my more “complete” (full Euro/language support) fonts of $100 for big companies/large projects.)
4. Have at least my top 10 most popular fonts on sale on FontSpring. (Having added full Euro support and variants.) This is quite a time consuming process, but I am very curious to see what kind of money can be generated from FontSpring.
5. Revamp my site (this site) to include a proper, complete fonts section, and in particular, a “landing page” for Dafont redirects, where I will make it possible to make font license purchases directly from this site.
6. Make my POD sites/stores all live (Once I have enough content generated for them and all descriptions/promo images etc. complete. Hopefully this can happen by March.)
7. Add a POD section to this site with links out to my POD sales sites (once I make those live.) Again, hopefully by March.
8. Add all my POD content to the relevent sections on Creative Fabrica. (Because I am very curious to see what kind of extra money can be made there from patterns/designs etc.)
9. Break into the stock photography scene. Everything I’ve read indicates that this is a low yield (over saturated) area, but it seems to me that it might be possible to squeeze some small, extra, regular income from associated Ads etc. The thing that makes this attractive and worthwhile to me is that Photos require so little time to generate (vs everything else I’ll be doing.) So earning a little extra money for a little extra work makes sense to me – if I can pull it off. We will see.

So that’s the plan.
Hopefully I can see all this through. (And hopefully POD is all it’s hyped up to be and works well for me…) Always good to try new things and to get back into proper drawing/designing again either way!

I intend to get back to regular monthly updates on here too to let you know how it all goes and what worked and what didn’t work. Sharing whatever insights I can.

Now, time to get to it!