Well now, that month (and year) flew by! Hard to believe 2017 has just about come to a close! This month I created a handful of new fonts and managed to get them all pushed through the usual channels (Dafont, Fontspace and Creative Fabrcia). Mostly tho, I’ve been keeping a closer eye than usual on the numbers and traffic that result in font income. I have a few very specific ideas and goals for fonts (and general ad income) in the new year.

My achievements for 2017:
1. I have over 200 fonts on dafont (more than double last years total)
2. I managed to crack the top 10 authors on dafont (staying there requires more consistent font output – I’m closing out the year floating around the teens, currently 11)
3. I cracked the 20,000 daily downloads barrier on dafont (but only during one month, I have yet to maintain those kind of numbers, generally seeing around 10,000 daily)
4. I have over 50 fonts on Creative Fabrica (I like these guys and their monetization system, though my numbers have really tapered off now after the initial surge through Sep-Nov)

My targets for 2018 are:
1. Have over 500 fonts on dafont
2. Maintain a top 20 position throughout the year
3. Crack the “top 100 authors of all time” list (should happen sometime in Jan/Feb)
4. Revamp all my font licenses and promo images for consistency
5. Double my Adsense income
6. Finish and release “Cowgirls Vs Cthonimon”
7. Finish and release my “Voxel Series” of various small mobile games
8. Branch out into Stock Photo work (to bump up those Adsense numbers)

Here’s hoping I can achieve all that, and that 2018 is an even better year than 2017 was!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!