During October, on the font side, it’s mostly been research, license changes, and reshuffling things to optimise income. I did manage to hit another milestone on Dafont – 5 Million total font downloads – which is nice. On the other hand, having not kept font production up, my position on the Dafont Authors charts has slipped. I am no longer in the top 10. Despite this, October was an even better month for font income than September – primarily due to sales through Creative Fabrica.

Most of my time this month has been spent on organising my portfolio. Having moved around so much, and been through so many computers/laptops/hard drives, gathering all that work into some kind of presentable format is a challenge. Going forward, I really want some kind of solid record of exactly what kind of projects I’ve been involved in, and what part I played in their creation.

I’ve started stripping out elements and breaking them up into categories over on my portfolio page on Behance here – Darrell Flood Behance – tho it’s still very much “WIP”, with a heavy focus on just fonts/logos/icons so far. There’s a whole lot more yet to go up. I’ve also started digging through old files in an attempt to better demonstrate some of my level design work, as many of the games I have been part of are no longer available, so these scattered files are the only hope of bringing any of that work to light.
Logo Design Behance

I plan to get a series of “post-mortems” up here, of some of the more important games, that outline the creative process, challenges, design choices etc. – and support those with whatever layouts and diagrams I can dig up – with an emphasis on mechanics and level design (as they were the areas I tended to be most involved in.) With any luck, I’ll start pushing those out at some point in November.

Other than that, I really feel the need to get back to Games. Fonts have been good to me. They give me a decent semi-passive income, and it’s amusing seeing them used on the likes of fidget spinners in knick-knack shops, but they don’t offer the same sense of satisfaction that creating a Game does. So, hopefully, I’ll have a chance to finally get back to some proper Game work next month.

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