September was a slow month across the board. I’ve had a lot of “life” type things distracting me. I got a handful of new fonts done, to keep my Dafont position, but nothing particularly standout. I did manage to make a start on a new series of decent fonts based around different countries, but I’m going to spend my time on those, and get them right. Not sure when I’ll get around to finalizing and releasing them.

Shifting from donations over to Creative Fabrica was definitely the right move for me. I’ve seen some nice numbers coming back from that. It ensured that September was my best month for font income to date. Tho the money is still far from a full wage, it’s good to see the effort I put into exploring new avenues with it bear fruit.

For September, my total font income breaks down roughly as follows:

1. Donations and Direct licensing (primarily through Dafont) – 30%
2. Adsense (primarily through Dafont) – 20%
3. Creative Fabrica – 50% (split between Referrals/Affiliates – 20% and Licence Sales – 30%)

So, you can see pretty clearly, that selling through Creative Fabrica has essentially doubled my usual font income. I intend to closely monitor the numbers and do what I can to improve upon them. Creative Fabrica currently has a font count of approx. 4000. I’d like to have at least 40 of my fonts up there, and from then on maintain at least a constant 1% of total font volume, for visibility purposes. I am also still investigating other selling sites/methods.

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