The biggest news this month is that I am changing my font licensing model. “Donationware” (coupled with Adsense income) has been working well enough for me, but I want to experiment with some other options to see if I can get that font income up higher. So, I am beginning to shift my font license purchases to a relatively new site – “Creative Fabrica“. Their system revolves around offering % cuts of monthly subscriptions, individual font “seats” (coming in at $10 a seat in my case), and affiliate sales cuts. I am trialling 20 of my most popular fonts to see how it all pans out. I am very interested to see how much of an impact this has on my font income.

Check those guys out here:

Games wise, there has been nary a whisper (something that I really hope to rectify in September!) but on the font side, I’ve been busy. I released 20 fonts over the course of the month. I also spent some time improving some of my more popular fonts and their promo images, and submitting my fonts to yet another font site that offers Adsense income (that makes it 3 active Adsense sites now: Dafont, FontSpace and 1001FreeFonts.)

A few new milestones were cracked over on Dafont this month:
1. I now have over 150 fonts available.
2. I have managed to crack the Top 10 Font Authors.
3. I regularly had over 20,000 downloads a day throughout August.
4. I now have over 4 million total font downloads.

I’ve noticed that being in the top 10 on Dafont makes a big difference to my Adsense numbers, so I will be doing what I can to maintain that position.

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