I was pretty busy this month juggling a few things, and looking into some new ad revenue stuff, so apologies for writing this round-up a bit later than usual.

May was a rock solid month on the font front. I managed to get out 20 new fonts, dipping into various styles and font creation techniques. I also hit another milestone on dafont – 3 million total downloads! My daily downloads have been steadily increasing over time, and donations and Adsense income are both ticking along. I am exactly where I want to be with my fonts now.

Alien Beasts

Neon Adventure

Quiet Streets

Solid Grooves


On the games side, I have been tinkering with some small experiments, rolling around a few concepts, but have nothing concrete to show (just yet…) Tokyo 2048 continues to bring in a small, steady income. Feedback posts for that have passed 1000 now on Android (the vast majority of which are positive.)

I attended BitSummit in Kyoto (a big indiegames convention here in Japan). That was a lot of fun and I met a lot of very cool people there. Some really creative and innovative games and demos on display there. Inspiring stuff! I hope to be in a position to show something off there myself next year. Looking forward into June, I want to wind down the fonts somewhat, and possibly crank up the games.


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