Wow! What a crazy year it’s been! Exiting YoYo, going back to being full-time indie, multiple house and country moves, and an insane amount of holidays! (Spain, France, Czech republic). It’s been a mad ride, and a lot of fun, but now with 2017 on the horizon, it’s time to reign in the madness and get focused.

December saw a massive ramp up in font production. I managed to get 15 fonts out this month. Very happy with how most of these turned out and it felt good to be back with my Cintiq in Ireland. I really have to ship that over to Japan at some point, it just speeds up the process so much. You can find the fonts under Darrell Flood on dafont here.


As for Cowgirls, it’s been tough with all the family related shenanigans finding the time to really get stuck into it, but some progress has been made. I’m going to make it my top priority from next month onwards. Cthulhu demands sacrifice!


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